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Alcohol Licenses

It is unlawful for any person to manufacture, distribute, or to sell or offer for sale at wholesale or retail in the city any alcoholic beverage without having the required alcohol beverage license.  In order to sell alcoholic beverages in the City of Albany & Dougherty County, you must have a local Occupational Tax Certificate, a local Alcohol License and a State Alcohol License. The State license will be processed by the GA Department of Revenue. The two local licenses will be issued by the City of Albany after the application process.

The applicant or representative for the business must be a resident of Dougherty County.  The Alcohol Licenses are location specific therefore; a lease agreement for the intended business location is required during the Alcohol License Application process.

All applicants for alcoholic beverage licenses for consumption on premises or the retail sale of alcoholic beverages shall be required to pay for and complete city certified license holder training before such alcoholic beverage license shall be issued.  This certification is valid for three years.

Any change in the ownership or license holder will require the license holder to again pay for and complete certified license holder training.  All holders of alcohol beverage licenses for consumption on premises and for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages establishments shall be responsible for training all employees engaged by the holder in the sale of alcohol beverages.


Contact Information

Anthony Donaldson
Chief License Inspector
240 Pine Avenue. Suite 150




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