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Junk Cars

Did you know ... FREE JUNK CAR REMOVAL ... is available! As a public service, the following salvage companies have agreed to remove abandoned or junk cars from private property FREE of charge.

Albany Auto Salvage - 431 - 1018
1805 West Town Road

Burnham's Auto Parts, Inc - 439-9184
3011 Spring Flats Road

Ivey's Used Auto Parts - 776-3938
107 Johnny Aultman Road

Mid County Auto Parts - 787-5853
12117 Highway 19

William Auto Salvage - 888-8024
After hours - 883-5087
109 Old Radium Springs Road

National Kidney Foundation of Georgia - 1-800-488-CARS (2277)

Auto owners can make arrangements to have their car removed by calling one of the businesses listed above.

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