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Ask a Librarian

A reference librarian is available at the Dougherty County Law Library to answer legal reference questions by e-mail. Please describe the question or problem that you have, being as complete and specific as possible. If a short sequence of events must be included as part of the question, please tell the story in chronological order.

What we can do: Suggest resources that will enable you to handle your legal problem yourself or help you find an agency that can handle your legal problem.

What we cannot do:

•give answers to questions which require a legal opinion,
•interpret the law for you,
•conduct a lengthy research project for you,
•suggest a particular form that best fits your needs.

Use the form below to ask a question. You may generally expect a response within 2 business days.  Make sure you include a correct email address and/or phone number.  If you do not post accurate contact information, we cannot reply to you.

What is your name?  
What is your email address?  
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What is your mailing address?
Have you already looked elsewhere for the answer to your question? If so, Where?
Ask the Question
Please tell as much as you can; the more specific your question is, the better our answer will be. Instead of asking “Please tell me about Georgia child custody law,” you could ask, “How can I find out whether a child age fourteen or older may choose which parent he or she wants to live with?” 
How will you use this information?
If you have a general idea about how you will use this information, we can provide a more helpful answer. Chose one:
     Business/Professional Assignment
     School assignment
     Publication/Media project
     Personal Legal Problem
 If you checked this box, are you represented by and attorney? Yes    No
     General Interest

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